Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Margaret and Helen tell it like it is

I could not go to bed last night. I kept watching Senator Wendy in Texas and her 13 hour fight to protect women's rights over their own bodies.

As I thought, it took a woman to man up to the task on hand. Yes, we have the ability to change from high heels to comfy shoes and stand at a podium for 13 house and filibuster a bunch of retarded, redneck a-holes from trying to mess with women's private parts. AGAIN!! When are they going to stop?

Yet, when women are forced to dangerous back alley abortions, they get all self-righteous and prissy. I guess these vicious old boys prefer that a woman bleed to death or have her insides messed up for life rather than provide clean, safe, legal and sane medical care. Of course, they do want women to pop out babies and then, give them no education. That way, they have a guaranteed source of cannon fodder and workers for their low paying jobs in their dangerous factories.

My goal this morning is to find Senator Wendy’s email address and send her many thanks and congratulations for manning up.

But while it's a win, the bigger battle is ahead and it's a doozy. Perhaps the SC felt by giving a minor win (DOMA) it would not be viewed as a conservative/GOP court, except by blind fools.

Restricting voters (VRA) who would vote Dem/liberal is a major win along with Citizens United because it assures a more likely win for Rethugs. Then when the GOP controls the country they can go back and return DOMA, strike down Roe vs. Wade and every thing else.

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