Sunday, June 2, 2013

SFMOMA closes down until 2016 with the museum party to end all parties!

SFMOMA was wild today - more people than I have ever seen and all imbued with a festival spirit. Normally I avoid crowds because I suffer from a bit of claustrophobia, not helped by being short. But I went down for the end of this chapter in SFMOMA's 75, 76 (?) year history. I can't wait for the opening in 2016. Bravo to the staff at SFMOMA! A week long celebration, numerous events, a ceremonial ground breaking event and they didn't put a foot wrong.

Next up is the opening of a show at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, focusing on the theme of spirituality. I will enjoy that one because I understand that the curators will be pulling works out of storage that haven't been seen in ages. Plus, the galleries at the CJM are smaller and more intimate.

Images and video courtesy of SFMOMA

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