Friday, June 21, 2013

Supermoon, Diebenkorn & SF bikers

Saturday Super Moon and SF bikers entitlement beliefs!

I am back from a frenzied day - museum opening at the De Young (Diebenkorn -fabulous!), doctor's appointment in the PM (eye inflammation due to allergies and It Will Not Go Away).

On the way home, on the MUNI underground, I noticed 2 young men checking out how to pull up the front seats - the bus ones that are reserved for seniors and the handicapped. Then, they started talking about how they are not legally obligated to to move for either seniors or people in wheelchairs. In fact, according to them, that space should be reserved for BIKES!! YIKES!!! I blew my top and pointed out that it's illegal not to move. They said, no, it's not illegal. neiner, neiner. neiner. And they don't have to move. Neiner. etc.

An older gentleman chimed in to ask about the moral or ethical issues of refusing to move aside but both young men dodged that question by simply refusing to discuss it. Oh, and apparently we aren't sensitive, should simply listen to their plans and not question them. I can just see what the next demand of the Bike Collation is going to be.

The driver stuck his head around his window and told them that if they refused to move for a wheelchair, a disabled person or somebody on crutches, he would make sure they got arrested. I got off then and fled for home - thinking that WOW! This is going to be some super moon and I am staying undercover.

But how in the world could anybody justify NOT getting up for the disabled! I know that a lot of people don't but to justify it? To say that it's perfectly legal to sit while some poor soul on crutches or in a wheelchair can't find room on the bus. Actually, I would like to see these young men tangle with some of our people in wheelchairs. They are 400 plus pound monsters, motorized and a lot of the people in them have more attitude than these entitled jerks. Somebody would be very very sorry.

How can anybody justify making it legal for more bikes to pile on the MUNI, on every car, without regard for the rest of the riders. Each bike can take up the space for 3 or 4 seats and to hell with the rest of us. I am pro-bikes and believe that they should be used more but that attitude of rudeness, selfishness, and self-righteous entitlement is horrifying.

Now I am going to drink my tea and think about the couple of pieces that I want to write!


dave smith said...

I'm with you on that - bikes on Muni should stay outside on the racks in front. It is a sad oversight that the LRV's (Metro) have NO provisions for bikes, but that is the current status. I'm also an avid cyclist - I prefer biking SF as it is often faster than MUNI anyway (MUNI's ave. speed = 3 MPH).
But, ahem, your opinion of the Diebenkorn?

nancy namaste said...

I just objected to having the small portion of a car taken away from the disabled; it's hard enough for them to get around anyway. I like the solution for the buses but I don't know of a good solution for the underground Muni. Those cars as so crowded as it is. Allowing bikes on all of the BART cars is great for cyclists but not for people in wheelchairs - I saw a rather nasty confrontation between a huge motorized wheelchair and a couple of cyclists on BART last week.

Diebenkorn - FANTASTIC! I am still working on my review but it's a "must see" show.