Sunday, July 5, 2015

Green Boat on Sunday

 I went out to escape all the hammering, banging and paint smells in my apartment house and got back home around 2 PM as the painters were wrapping up for the day. I has just settled down for a nap when the bozos down the street decided to party - bringing a table full of booze onto the side walk and bellowing like they were at a ball game.

Then, around 8 PM, they were setting off firecrackers! I was able to block the noise with a fan, earplugs and a head set but if they decided to party until 2 AM every Saturday night/Sunday morning, I will call the police.

I figured that because if was the 4th of July that the police wouldn't bother to come - although if I'd reported liquor and illegal fireworks they might have. I was so tired I could have cried when the nose started up - don't know where these rich white kids got the idea that they own the street and can make as much noise as they want throughout the night.

But I did use some of my energy to make art - maybe I want to sail away from the noise although I don't think this old boat would take me very far.

I can see Turner's influence in the wet on wet flow of paint; I just hope he would approve.

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