Monday, July 20, 2015

'Night Begins the Day: Rethinking Space, Time and Beauty' at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

Darvaza crater (translated as the “doorway to hell”) in the former Soviet Republic of Turkmenistan

So many museum shows today focus on the transitory and the ugly, the crude and the disparaging. The viewer enters, looks, maybe reads a text or two and then moves on, maybe giving each piece a total of 30 seconds. What a shock then, to walk into the exhibit and encounter beautiful image after beautiful image - all of which are more than beautiful, a new 21st century definition of the sublime. The works evoke awe, tears, wonder and, ultimately fear that we are destroying the best that our world has to offer through our own greed and indifference. The museum’s ambition to encompass time, space and the modern sensibility Is largely successful.

 Peter Alexander, PA & PE, 1990

By returning to the older ideas of space and time, the museum has created an exhibit that is both contemporary, compelling and timeless.

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 Laurent Grasso. Soleil Noir (2014)

Vanessa Marsh. Chromogenic photogram
Joshua McElehny. The Center is Everywhere
Institute For Figuring, Bleached Reef, 2007–15. Yarns, beads, baskets, felt, sand, 84 x 24 in. Courtesy of Bleached Reef, part of the Institute For Figuring’s Crochet Coral Reef Project.  

Images courtesy of the Contemporary Jewish Museum


Karen Graham said...

The pictures are beautiful, and thought provoking, too. Thank you, Nancy for posting them.

Rachel said...

I just saw this exhibit the other day and I loved it!
Really thought provoking and I left the exhibit feeling very inspired.
Thanks for sharing about it!