Thursday, December 16, 2010

Arthur Szyk at the Legion of Honor

I fell in love again today with a man who illuminated my childhood dreams and fantasies. I adored his illustrations when I was a child, eagerly pouring over Hans Christensen Anderson's Fairy Tales, The Arabian Nights and the Canterbury Tales. I didn't know that he was a tireless fighter for justice, a political cartoonist of the highest order during WW II and a man who combined amazing skills with 20th century political acumen. I will write more later but for now, enjoy some of his work:

Arthur Szyk, A Polish Patriot, A Jew, An Naturalized American Citizen whose cartoons against the Nazis and rallies for war bonds were so effective that Eleanor Roosevelt called him  "Roosevelt's soldier with a pen." A Voice for Freedom and Artist Extraordinaire.

Arabian Nights
Canterbury Tales

From Anderson's Fairy Tales

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Anonymous said...

I’ve been scouring the web for good reproductions of his work. Marvellous! I wish I could visit this exhibit.