Saturday, December 18, 2010

And of course, the show at the Legion of Honor:

Arthur Szyk : artist, Jew, Pole/ Joseph P. Ansell.
The art and politics of Arthur Szyk / Steven Luckert.
Justice illuminated : the art of Arthur Szyk / Irvin Ungar
The new order / by Arthur Szyk ; introduction by Roger W. Straus, Jr.
 Child of the Century. Ben Hecht


Zoomie said...

Somehow, that strikes me as tragic - a child being borne away to heaven. Beautiful image.

namastenancy said...

It's another one of Szyk's exquisite images; I think it's from the Hans Christensen Andersen's fairy tales but I haven't found the reference. I haven't posted any of his political work but his graphic pieces in black and white are very powerful - as powerful as Goya's in some instances.