Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Hanukkah

 I loathe rap but the Maccabeats, coming to us out of Yeshiva University, have made me change my mind. In celebration of the season, they just brought out a new track for Chanukah, based on Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" and Mike Tompkins' a cappella version. It's rap, harmony mixed with gentle humor, a bit of goofiness and it's utterly delightful.

I’ll tell a tale
Of Maccabees in Israel
When the Greeks tried to assail
But it was all to no avail

The war went on and on and on
Until the mighty Greeks were gone

I flip my latkes in the air sometimes sayin ayy ohh spin the dreidel
Just wanna celebrate for all eight nights singin ayy oh, light the candles

full lyrics at the website Lyrics: David Block and Immanuel Shalev


Zoomie said...

Very fun! Hope you post this on Facebook so I can steal it to show my friends, too! :-)

namastenancy said...

Steal to your hearts content - I'd love to see the video go "viral" and I don't have any heirs who will sue you for the rights.