Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards: 1949- 2010

Oh no! - just saw this. Another one of the good people gone from the planet:

 Elizabeth Edwards 1949-2010
She was a strong woman who fought her own cancer while giving other people fighting cancer encouragement and love. Her battle was ongoing for six years and it took her this morning December 7, 2010.  Godspeed you wonderful Mom, you wonderful person, you did what you could to fight the fight. You dealt with your husband's betrayal with dignity and courage, giving me even more reason to respect you. 

She made all of us "liberals" proud and gave new dimensions to what it meant to be human, to be progressive and to have a care beyond her family --if there were more like her, I'd have more faith that we can save the planet. 


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Zoomie said...

Oh, dear, that's a loss. I knew she had stopped taking treatments but not that she was this close to death. She faced life with grace, even when her husband was so stupid and cruel. Rest in peace.