Friday, March 2, 2018

18th century Venice

For those interested in a deeper look at 18th Century Venice:

Viewing 18th-Century Venice with Canaletto and Casanova Frederick Ilchman, Chair, Art of Europe, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Although well past its peak militarily and economically, Venice in the eighteenth century remained Europe’s splendid playground. Accounts of foreign travelers describe operas, gambling, and courtesans in the spectacular setting of the lagoon city. Native sons of Venice, however, namely the painter Canaletto and the bon vivant Casanova, offer something even better: an insider’s view. Sponsored by: Hood Museum of Art, Research Events, Studio Art Department

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Carla Ives said...

This looks interesting. I was in Venice in 1963 and it was quite a shock to this young girl who was raised on the streets of Philadelphia. Thinking about that city in the 18th century is fascinating!