Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ferdinand Hodler. Born on this day in 1853.

March 14, 1853. Ferdinand Hodler (March 14, 1853 - May 19, 1918) was one of the best-known Swiss painters of the nineteenth century. His early works were portraits, landscapes, and genre paintings in a realistic style. Later, he adopted a personal form of symbolism he called "parallelism". In this image: Ferdinand Hodler, The Reaper, c. 1910 © Christoph Blocher Collection, Photo: SIK-ISEA, Zürich

In 1908, Hodler met Valentine Godé-Darel, who became his mistress. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1913, and the many hours Hodler spent by her bedside resulted in a remarkable series of paintings documenting her decline from the disease

Critique from the NY Times in 1984: His work is not greater than the sum of its parts. Broken down into its parts, however, it is complex and revealing.

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