Monday, March 12, 2018

Alberto Burri. Born on this day in 1915

Multiplex 8, 1981. Courtesy Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini, Collezione Burri, Città di Castello, Italy, and Luxembourg & Dayan

Alberto Burri (born Feb 13, 1915) was an Italian painter and sculptor, considered a key figure in Post WW II art and such artistic movements as Neo-Dada, Nouveau realism, post-minimalism and Art Povera. He studied to be a doctor, served in the Italian army during WW II, was captured and sent to a camp in Texas, where he became increasingly fascinated by art due to a program set up by the YMCA. After he returned to Italy, the post war chaos and poverty led him to abandon medicine and become more and more involved in art - using a complex of industrial and found materials such as burlap and rejecting formal art forms in favor of art that was impressionistic, abstract and evocative.  

Alberto Burri, Sacco e Rosso, 1956. Burlap and oil on canvas. 100 x 86 cm. Courtesy Mazzoleni, © Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini, Collezione Burri, Città di Castello. This work is on show at Alberto Burri at Gallery Mazzoleni, London, until 30 November

A man of steel and burlap

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Carla Ives said...

I had never heard of Alberto Burri. Always nice to learn about a new artist although I'm probably not a fan.