Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Happy May Day

Happy May Day — International Worker's Day! This poster by Dutch artist Jan Toorop was created for the 1898 National Woman’s Labour Exhibition which took place in The Hague. Attracting more than 90,000 visitors, the exhibition displayed products made by women and attention was paid to the working conditions under which they had to work, the goal being to improve wages and working conditions. See more posters by Toorop here: http://publicdomainreview.org/collections/the-salad-oil-style-of-jan-toorop/

 Rose Schneiderman. 
One who fought back and Help organize better working conditions for women

"The woman worker needs bread, but she needs roses too," said Rose Schneiderman in 1911, who worked throughout her life to improve working conditions for women. Her main focus was to improve wages, hours, and safety, but that wasn't her only goal. In order to truly improve quality of work life, Schneiderman advocated for women to also have "roses:" things like schools, unions, and recreation facilities.

A Polish Jewish immigrant, Schneiderman was a small woman with bright red hair and was called the Red Rose of Anarchy. She was the president of the New York Women's Trade Union League from 1917 to 1949 and president of the National Women's Trade Union League from 1926 to 1950. Schneiderman was also the only woman on President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's National Recovery Administration Labor Advisory Board and helped play a role in shaping the New Deal. 

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