Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mercury Finally Goes Direct

Hip hip hooray and 
yipee kai yay! Mercury has been retrograde for three weeks and it's been the retrograde to end all retrogrades.

This has been a bummer of a month with flu, non-stop allergy attacks, coughing like a 40 person TB ward, exhaustion, frustration - you name it, I've endured it. l am a Capricorn with Saturn in Cancer and Neptune in Libra so I've been b-kicked to the curb. After hacking up the equivalent of a lung + multiple hairballs every morning, I only have enough energy to crawl back into bed. I will be so glad to have this whole thing turn around. If you are into astrology, you know that Uranus went into Aries (a fire sign) at the same time that Mercury went retrograde. There were a number of other planets in fire signs but Mercury derailed the whole train. Of course, now that it's going direct - and in a fire sign - hang on to your hats. We are in for a bumpy ride but at least things will be going forward. I hope.

"We all know that within this galaxy of impermanence all things, no matter how wonderful or torturous,  must eventually exhaust themselves.  And so tomorrow (now today) the Mercury Retrograde to end all Mercury Retrogrades will right itself and complete  (and not a nanosecond too soon for many-- like every Cancer, Libra and Capricorn who has been squared and opposed to death by this).

Today, Saturday, April 23, at 3:04 AM PDT here.   Coming to you, everywhere on this beautiful, beleaguered planet, the blockbuster feature we've all been waiting for:  Mercury goes direct.

I'm considering setting my alarm to light a candle in gratitude."

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