Saturday, April 2, 2011

A quiet, cool Saturday

That's enough writing for now about food and gritty areas of SF (well, gritty and cheap, always important for those of us on fixed incomes). Sometimes I just want to revel in beautiful things that have nothing to do with staying on a budget, trying to build a second (or is it third) career or even reviewing art in the Bay Area. Give me luxury, illustrated manuscripts and a quiet corner to enjoy them in! (links from Bibliodyssey's twitter feed). The drawings are all by George Tooker, taken from the FAMSF's database (and a right cumbersome job it was to find them and screen capture, cut and caption the images. Who sets up these damn things?)

Self Portrait.

Understanding Medieval Manuscripts. A guide to technical terms.

Art Nouveau Books

The mirror

Trompe d'oeil in 16th century manuscripts

The Italian Renaissance

 The voice

A letter to museums about Twitter (2008 but still relevant)

Dolmen press collection

Tom Christensen's essay on the most helpful books about writing and publishing.


katybee said...

I just read you lovely little post on american woodblocks influenced by japanese woodblock. Thank you so much for posting it- I am so grateful that I am able to see something that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to.

namastenancy said...

Thank you for coming by and commenting. That part of the show was a complete surprise to me. I knew about Arthur Dow but I didn't know about any of the other artists. There was a lot of beautiful art produced and it's a shame that it's now all gone back into various archives and not accessible. The catalog didn't even indicate where the art was stored so there's no way to track it down.