Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Wrap-Up: Alexandra Blum and Sadie Valeri

 The lingering effects of the flu and allergies have decidedly crimped my energy but I managed to visit two of the three artists that I wanted to see. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Jennifer Ewing's studio but I did enjoy the places that I did mange to visit.

First stop was at Alexander Blum's studio. I had met her briefly when she was the artist-in-residence at the de Young and fell in love with her bright and cheerful pieces. I had a lovely time, met her delightful and energetic 3 year old daughter and left with a gift of chicken soup (most welcome) and a small but charming mixed media painting of a Chinese Guardian Lion (sometimes called a Fu or Foo Dog) which now graces my desk.
An interview on uTube:

 @ Sadie Valeri. Used with the artist's permission. 

My energy was falling fast but I made it to my next (and last stop) of the day, the atelier of classical painter Sadie Valeri. I don't know how I came across her work but I wanted to see it in person because Internet images can be deceiving. I was not disappointed. I love seeing beautifully finished traditional work and her pieces are not only technically proficient but are fresh and sensitive. I also had an ulterior motive because I have been looking for a teacher for some time and I think I have found what I have been looking for.

Unfortunately by this time, I was babbling with fatigue and didn't have the energy to see any of the other work in the huge studio. There are several artists at 2111 Mission who I admire so I know that I will be back - hopefully with more energy and a few functioning brain cells.

Roundtable Artists visit the Crocker Museum in Sacramento. Unfortunately I was not able to go along as I knew that I was not up for a long trip. I also was afraid of being hit with a new group of pollinating blossoms and getting sick all over again. But Anna vows that they will return so may be I can make it the next time around.

Anna and the group were impressed by all that they saw, including the exhibit of the works of John Buck.  I wrote about that exhibit here:

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