Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The real Bali Ha'i coming to the Asian Art Museum

 Bird mask, perhaps 1900–1940. Wood, leather, and pigments. Collection of W. E. Bouwman,

There are so many great events in the next week that my head is spinning - SFAC Gallery opening on photographs from Afghanistan tonight, SF Book Fair on Friday, visit to the Cantor on Saturday, SF History Expo in Sunday but in the meantime, the Asian Art Museum is getting ready for their exhibit on the real Bali. Here's a clue - I don't think anybody will be singing Bali Ha'i (or maybe they will - who knows?). From Art Babble: 

Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance
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The Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance exhibition will be on view at the Asian Art Museum from February 25–September 11, 2011. It is not only the beauty of the Indonesian island that has attracted visitors but also its performance and ritual arts traditions. Although Bali is widely known as one of the most vibrant centers of both visual and performing arts in the world, there has never been a large-scale, in-depth examination of its artistic traditions in the United States. Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance will bring the art and artists of Bali to San Francisco, introducing museum visitors to Balinese history and religious beliefs, and illuminating how performance and rituals are still integrated into daily life.
The exceptional artworks on view – many borrowed from international collections and never before seen in the US – range from plaited palm leaf images of rice goddesses to wooden statues of terrifying Hindu deities; painted palanquins to gilded thrones; offerings made for family shrines to masks carved for early tourists. Accompanying videos and interactive programs, including dance, music, and puppetry, provide a deeper context to the culture of Bali.
The Asian Art Museum is the exclusive venue for this exhibition. For more information:

Lovely video about Bali at the Asian Art Museum's Blog:

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