Thursday, February 17, 2011

Creative Spaces

One of my friends, Sandy Yagi, posted a link to an article on creative spaces. I think that it was mostly about writers but I suggested that Anna and what I call her posse, a group of 15-30 artists who hang out together and attend Anna's Friday round table gad-about-town-and-see-the-art events, also post our art spaces. Anna also made me one of the administrator of the group - hence the new icon.

The first group of images is my home art space in the back room of my apartment. I've turned the front room into a living room/bedroom so that I can have a separate room for art work, reading and working on my writing. I will often sketch out or do the under painting on pieces here, then finish them in oil at my "other" space at 689 Bryant St. My easel is really simple. The canvas is simply popped up against an older canvas and the whole thing is on top of a two-shelf bookcase which has more storage, supplies and art "stuff."

 Going around the room counterclockwise - the easel, file cabinets and a large work table, with more bins, shelves of inks and paints, containers for brushes and pens, another table under the window, more bookcases, more file cabinets. There are a amazing amount of supplies in a rather small space.

My other space at 689 Bryant. I don't want to work in oils at home for the obvious reasons - ventilation, smelly paints and linseed oil rags and the just general mess that oils make. The down side of that space is that there is absolutely no storage and I haven't wanted to spend the money to have one built. It's also cold in winter and hot in summer although less so since the landlords have fixed the roof. Frankly, I prefer to work at home but I'm glad to have a space where I can experiment with smelly, messy stuff.

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