Friday, February 25, 2011

Curry tonight, Reviews of Bali Tomorrow...and maybe even the day after.

I swear that I am going to get back to art blogging by tomorrow or Sunday at the latest. I went to the press preview of Bali, Art, Performance, Ritual at the Asian Art Museum and I was enchanted. I've already written my generic, keep it under 400 words review for the Examiner. I hope that the piece is professionally written but you really have to follow a boring template to get them to put you on the Google search list. I do it their way because they are my bosses and I want more hits. On the other hand, I got linked to a lot of great places - WSJ, SF Citizen and more which is great exposure for me as a journalist and PR for the show. But I have a lot more to say (don't I always?) and will be expanding on Bali and the exhibit in future posts.

Since I still had a large pot of curry - and no intention of throwing it away, I started fooling around with the seasoning. In went more turmeric for the coloring, some cinnamon for sweetness and more assertive dash of paprika, cardamon and chili peppers. Next time, I'm going to Chinatown to look for curry power as recommended by Matty Boy but this was pretty darn good. 

I photographed it on one of my Turkish plates that I guard with religious zeal. At this time, some of the plates are over 100 years old (but not this particular one) and they just don't make those turquoise glazes any more. Add yogurt, a dab of humus and my carved and painted Turkish spoon and make believe that you are on the Silk Road, carrying a caravan of spices and silks to the West. 

Next question - how does the lady who writes La Tartine Gourmande get such gorgeous photos?  I had now added another item to my long list of "things to do" in my dotage - paint better, write better and now, take better photographs. 

But, as the Buddha said, our walking creates the unfolding of the path (or words to that effect). I'm just walking the walk.


cookiecrumb said...

I can't believe how much I like your plate of food. The tangerine segments! You have just taught me something.

(La Tartine Gourmande: Seriously good lighting.)

namastenancy said...

THANK YOU! Coming from you, that's quite a compliment. I now have a huge pile of info about food photography to read and the next time, I'm going to show more of my plates which are truly gorgeous. I am also thinking about making drawings or watercolors from the photographs. I did a charcoal drawing of the Buddha's hand when the 3-heads, 6-arms Buddha left the Civic Center and I got several nice e-mails about it. I can hardly wait until asparagus comes into season because I have a great watercolor of asparagus that I am just dying to use.

Zoomie said...

See, Nancy, you've come up with something completely unique - writing a food blog for which you draw or paint the illustrations, rather than photograph!

Béa is a professional food stylist, so she has a super camera, knows lights, and has an inexhaustible supply of gorgeous dishes. What I learned from her is to use a folded, color-toned napkin under the plate/bowl or between the plate and bowl if using both. She also had a wide selection of fabrics to lay down under the dish.

Check out Molly Wizenberg's "Orangette," too - she uses an old Polaroid camera to interesting effect.

namastenancy said...

eeekkkk....lots of work but it sure also sounds like fun.