Sunday, February 13, 2011

CREAM from the top - the best of the recent MFA graduates

Now in its ninth year, the enormously successful CREAM from the top exhibition will be presented for the first time at the Performance Art Institute. 

CREAM from the top draws from the thriving communities of nine Bay Area MFA programs, gathering those candidates who have risen to the top of their respective classes. Creator and curator, Kathryn Weller Renfrow, consistently selects the strongest and most compelling emerging artists, allowing the Bay Area to discover them for the first time. 

This year's exhibition features the largest number of artists to date, and will expand throughout the spacious galleries at 550 and 575 Sutter Street. The show continues through March 5th

The work and the artists have benefited enormously from being curated and being presented in a more professional manner. I was not the only one dismayed by last year's SFAI MFA show* but this exhibit of work is an excellent showcase of the best and the brightest of recent graduates from Bay Area art programs).

 Monica Lundy's powerful and haunting portraits of 19th century incarcerated prisoners. Her portraits of inmates in old California mental asylums and prisons exerts a powerful pull that is part compassion, part revulsion. I wanted to know about these people from the past - they spoke to me of forgotten tragedies, buried beneath layers of race, class, and gender.

(images from all of the artists in the show at the link below)

The Performance Art Institute is located at 575 Sutter Street in downtown San Francisco. PAI's The Library is located across the street at 550 Sutter Street.
p: 415-510-0575

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