Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flower Power

I owe a big thank you to Anna Conti who pointed out that my printer probably had a scan function. Since I don't seem to have mastered all the buttons on my new camera, the photos that I posted on line were out of focus and well, just bad. Scanning the pieces made all the difference; now you can see the details, including the washes of color and some of the texture. I've uploaded all the watercolors that I think are fit to be seen by the public. There are in the folder titled "Flower Power." Quelle suprise, n'est pas? I also have a couple of recent paintings there - not the greatest photos in the world but you can get an idea of the art work. I also have a folder where I've put the professional scans of my "Elgin Marbles" drawings. I think that working in water based media on those is what encouraged me to do all these small watercolors. Of course, comments are welcome; artists love feedback as long as its not in the form of rotten eggs and four-letter words.

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Zoomie said...

Another lovely one in that series.