Saturday, February 5, 2011

New work in the studio

This landscape is from a photo that I took on an outing last year outside Santa Rosa. My friend and I took the wrong turn off and ended up wandering around the back roads heading toward the ocean. We found a little cafe to have lunch in and ended up at the beach. It was a wonderful day and I took a ton of photos. None of them are very good and now that I can see the work of photographers like David Sumner and Robert Vo, I know how mediocre my work is. But it's a good reference point for my art and frankly, that's all I ask of it. I thought it was finished but now that I look at it, I wonder if I need more contrast. On the other hand, the piece (which is really badly photographed) has a lovely serene quality which I really like.

This piece started out as one of my figurative works. Two people were facing each other over a cup or two of coffee. I never liked the piece and felt that the figures were beyond my usual clumsy. I painted over it, intending to repaint the same subject but decided that I really like it as a color study/abstract/landscape. 

Comments anyone? Opinions? Ideas? Titles? All that stuff in the background is my studio table with more art work propped against the wall.


Zoomie said...

I'm enjoying the color palette you have shown in these two paintings and the one you posted just prior. Clear, bright, seem to show good mood and balanced composition.

namastenancy said...

That is high praise since it comes from a lady who not only used to work at SFAI but has a marvelous art collection of her own.